West Algarve

The Western Algarve stretches from Lagoa to Sagres along the south coast and stops at the Altentejo in the North. The region covers the beautiful west coast region and the costa Vicentina National Park. The coastline is characterized by dramatic rock formations with stacks and stumps, grottos and caves and the beautiful, clean sandy beaches and coves.

West of Lagos the country side becomes wilder and less built up and the lusher vegetation gives way to coarser Atlantic scrub and grassland. It is a highly scenic area with a gently rolling landscape embracing agricultural villages, cliff-top walks and remote cove beaches. Building is restricted.

The west coast is a protected area with miles of un-spoilt beaches meeting the Atlantic breakers which make it such a popular area for surfers.

Of course many are attracted to the region by the numerous golf courses which provide endless hours of fun and frustration for the golfers who flock to the Western Algarve!



The Algarve has 3000 hours of sunshine each year and in summer you can expect av, day time temperatures of 24 degree centigrade.

During July and August temperatures can rise to over 30 degrees at the hottest time of day, however the heat is tempered by refreshing breezes from the Atlantic. Autumn is pleasantly warm and winter stays bright and sunny but you can expect intermittent rain between Nov and April.

History of the area

The Algarve has few remaining ancient structures as it has suffered several earthquakes since the first recorded one in 63 BC. Particularly ruinous were the ones in 383 AD, 1719, 1755 and 1761.

The area´s most famous inhabitants were Henry the Navigator and Vasco de Gamma. You can visit the historical site of Henry the Navigators headquarters from where he planned his expeditions, in the fort at Sagres including his 1st compass.


The Algarve is not a place to visit for museums or art galleries! The main form of culture in the Algarve is golf! Although most towns will have weekend markets once a month and during the summer you will find a number of music festivals going on.

Each town has their own fair once a year centred around the town´s public holiday.

Portimao ever year host the European Eurhythmic gymnastics tournament.

Any other unique points

Famous for Sardines and green wine, which is a young slightly sparkling wine, very refreshing to have at lunch time with the local specialty of grilled sardines, or ameijoas which are a type of shell fish. You can also try the delicious cataplana, a sort of fish stew. Visit one of the colorful fish markets for fresh fish washed down with a bottle of a Lagoa red wine followed by fresh figs or almond cake.

The Algarve is also a magnet for all people keen on water sports, the strong afternoon breezes make is popular with sailors, windsurfers and lately kite surfers.

Type of property available

Villas, apartments, old quintas and golf properties.

Market comment

The Western Algarve market has rocketed since 2003 when the motorway connection from Faro to Bensafrim to the airport at Faro, was completed. Since then prices have doubled and in some cases trebled, with travel times to the airport varying from 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours.

The market is now well established and prices have remained high due to the tight controls on building.


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